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Our hydro excavating offers you a secure and cost-effective alternative to mechanical digging

There are many places around Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana where back hoes and other medium-to-heavy digging equipment simply cannot be used. Hydro excavating by Commercial Sewer Cleaning Co. Inc is the answer to your problem!


This method of trenching, digging and locating utility lines under the surface combines the cutting force of high-pressure water or air with industrial vacuuming to remove the dislodged material. When the situation is dangerous or unknown, hydro and pneumatic excavation offers a safe alternative to excavating with other mechanical means.


Our hydro excavating services include:


With over 45 years of service to our community, we credit our success to honesty and the ability to perform detail-oriented work at every site we visit. We'll always do the job properly!

We take pride in our commitment to remaining honest and thorough

No job is too large or too small for our expert team!


Commercial Sewer Cleaning Co. Inc has been providing Indianapolis and Central Indiana with top-of-the-line 24/7 drain cleaning, sewer and plumbing service since 1965.


We specialize in difficult excavations

If you're in need of trenching, digging and locating, our hydro excavation can handle the job.

  • Expose buried utility lines

  • Utility poles and bollards

  • Repair of collapsed drainage tile


  • Trench excavating

  • Pot holing

  • Uncovering water line breaks